Farm to Preschool

The basic idea behind Farm to Preschool is early intervention and nutrition education for children birth to 5 years old. It was created in an effort to help young children become more familiar with fruits/veggies, where they come from, increase exposure and engage healthier eating habits.

The movement was launched in the hopes of decreasing childhood obesity numbers, which are currently one in 3 children in the US. This network includes access to curriculum, community, recipes, state and federal resources as well as publications and even grants.

Healthier eating habits and proper nutrition is extremely important in the first 5 years of life. During these years over 80% of all brain development occurs. This includes gross and fine motor skills, brain development, vital growth, early establishment of habits and even personality traits are emerging.

When young children are exposed to fruits and vegetables early on, know where they come from and eat them regularly, they live healthier lives. Also, children who have an early relationship with nutritious foods are more likely to eat them; along with those who are allowed to help prepare meals. Lastly, when we allow children to understand where their food comes from, it helps foster a love and respect for the Earth, which will, in turn, help them become protectors, stewards, consumers and overall co-habitants.

Over 80% of all brain development occurs during the first 5 years of life. Making this the most important time for children to get the best nutrition possible and develop healthy eating habits.


  • Gardening lessons, if you currently have a garden onsite
  • Help with designing an outdoor/indoor garden space

Cooking lessons

Fully interactive and inclusive cooking lessons that will allow all children to participate in the fun. Many lessons include connections to the GELDS (Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards).

Parent Workshops

Informational and interactive workshops for parents. These will include tips and tricks on how to cook with children, introduce them to new foods and even simple, quick recipes for preparing meals at home.

Teacher trainings

Onsite training for teachers on best practices for taste testing, sampling recipes, involving parents and working with utensils.

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