In addition to frequent daily movement, proper nutrition is extremely important in your efforts to be healthy and happy. Eating foods that are nutritionally dense, local, seasonal or organic, and that will nourish our bodies are important for keeping us moving. However, knowing, finding and purchasing these products doesn’t have to be a difficult task.


Help with establishing a home garden of your own!

Kitchen garden for herbs

Container garden for beginners

Full backyard edible garden


  • Interactive cooking classes and workshops
  • Tips and tricks on grocery shopping on a budget
  • Healthy cooking tips and recipes for family meals

Nutrition Plans

Coming soon:

Personalized nutrition plans for weight loss, health goals or general wellness.


Focusing on eating local, seasonal, fresh or organic foods is one of the most simple things you can do, that will make a huge impact on your health.

Here’s Why

Seasonal foods are budget friendly! (produce in season is more readily available, therefore cost less)

Local foods are also easier to find since they aren’t traveling a long distance to get to you (also contributing to the local economy)

Fresh foods are more nutritionally dense, meaning they will contain more of the vitamins and nutrients that are usually zapped out from cooking and processing.

Organic foods are grown without harmful chemicals, help protect important bee populations and usually taste better than conventional produce.