Staying physically active is incredibly important to overall health. Although its also important to pay attention to the nutrition aspect, keeping your body moving is a large part of living a balanced life.

Yoga is a practice that’s been on Earth since some of the very first civilizations. It became a way of life in India but indicated in Ancient Kemet (Africa), with many yoga poses depicted in hieroglyphics. It’s continually evolved into many forms including Hatha, Dharma, Bikram, Iyengar, etc. Although they are all executed differently, they have the same philosophy; creating a connection between body and mind, merging the concrete with the abstract.

Personalized Yoga plans

Do you want to start practicing yoga but have a back injury? Do you spend most of your day in a chair with limited opportunity to get up and move?

I can help develop an adapted yoga practice that includes modifications for your personal needs.


  • Guided assistance with meditation and mindfulness
  • Help with connecting to your body and mind

Work/Life balance

Feeling overwhelmed? Need help finding ways to de-stress?

I can develop personalized tips and practices for handling daily stress; which will help you maintain a balance between work, home, and personal life.

Questions? Suggestions? Interested in a collaboration or partnership?

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