Garden Glow Wellness

At GGW, we provide you with practical healthy living solutions.  We believe that there are many paths to a healthy and sustainable life, but they should all include useable knowledge of the food you eat and empowerment to take actionable steps. Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is a process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. 

Everybody Eats!

There are so many ways we can interact with our food; whether it's at the grocery store, farmers market or picking fresh produce that you grew yourself. We all eat whether it's a plant-based, high protein or omnivore diet, but it's incredible how few of us know all the magic behind the food! Come explore with us. 

Small Steps can make Big Change

There are so many small things you do everyday to help you reach you goals; you may put on bottoms to complete an outfit, you fuel your cars to ensure you reach your destination, etc. Everyone is capable of taking small steps that can not only improve our health but also the health of the Earth. 


Nutrition Education


Cooking on a budget? Thinking about going meatless? We got you covered!



We offer a unique and delicious approach to the growing field. 



Learn about small steps you can take today for a better tomorrow. 

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